What Hearing Loss Is

Know What Hearing Loss Is, Its Symptoms And Possible Treatments

When people begin to notice gradual or even sudden decline in their ability to hear they are said to be suffering from hearing loss. There are quite a few reasons why such a problem occurs and often the cause will result in varying degrees of the problem. Sometimes, the loss is only temporary and even partial while other times it can become permanent. As far as elderly Americans are concerned, hearing loss ranks third as far as most common and chronic problems are concerned.

Hearing Loss Puts You In Danger

When the problem occurs gradually, most people won’t even be aware that they have a hearing loss problem; it is only through family members and perhaps their friends that they will learn that they seem to be having difficulties in hearing properly. However, hearing loss has been known to slow down a person’s working abilities and it can even put a person in danger.

Hearing loss has other related disadvantages too that include suffering from loneliness, not being as independent as you would like, feel depressed and the sufferer may not also interact socially quite as much as is normal. To remedy the situation it may become necessary to use gadgets that help you hear normally once more.

Usually, hearing loss occurs because of being exposed to noise and that too over extended periods of time, and it also can occur as a consequence of aging. It can also occur when wax builds up inside the ear or because of an injury to your ear; or, even due to infected ear and because of a rupture to the eardrum.

There are also a number of symptoms that you will need to look out for and the obvious symptom of hearing loss is that of your hearing having become muffled and you may also begin to feel like your ear has been plugged. This in turn will lead to difficulty in understanding what is being said. Another common symptom of hearing loss is pain in the sufferer’s ears accompanied by itchiness, irritation and even seeing fluid coming out of the ear.

Hearing Loss Symptoms

Once you have begun to notice symptoms of hearing loss it is advisable to consult a doctor and even get a physical examination done as too undergo a test known as Audiologic that will help determine which part of the ear that has become affected or damaged.

The best way to treat hearing loss is through use of a hearing aid; using natural means such as looking at gestures made by a speaker and watching their facial expressions are other, though less effective means of treating the problem. However, hearing loss can also be prevented by avoiding being in places where there is high noise and to also avoid listening to music being played at high volume. In addition, you should also wear ear muffs in case your work forces you to listen to high volume noise at your workplace.

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