Know The Three Main Types Of Hearing Impairment

When it concerns dealing and also describing what hearing loss is all about there are three main attributes worth looking at: the first is type of hearing impairment, the second the degree of your hearing loss and finally there is the configuration of your hearing loss. Taking the first attribute first it can be said that types of hearing impairment are generally categorized according to the location as well as specific part of the ear that has become damaged.

Sensorineural, Conductive And Mixed Hearing Loss

It would not be wrong to say that there are three main types of hearing impairment which are conductive, sensorineural as well as mixed hearing loss. As far as conductive hearing loss is concerned; it pertains to a condition in which sound cannot be conducted through a patient’s outer ear canal and thence to the eardrum and finally, to the small bones of the middle ear. This type of hearing impairment is normally found occurring when there is reduction in level of sounds and it also causes sounds to be heard very faintly. Treatment for this type of hearing impairment is through medicines and through surgery.

Conductive hearing loss can be caused by fluids in the middle ear, impacted earwax, infected ear canal and presence of foreign matter in the ear.

The other major type of hearing impairment is the one known as sensorineural hearing loss that occurs when the inner lobe becomes damaged or when the pathways of the nerves running from inner ear to the brain become damaged. This is another type of hearing impairment that can be treated either through surgical means or through use of medications.

Sensorineural hearing loss is generally caused by certain diseases, toxic drugs, birth injuries and also because of genetic syndromes.

The final main type of hearing impairment is that of mixed hearing loss that occurs when conductive hearing loss occurs along with sensorineural hearing loss. In such a case, the middle or outer ear can become damaged and so too can the inner ear and when both parts of the ear become damage the condition is referred to as being mixed hearing loss.

Once the different types of hearing impairment have been identified further research is called for especially in case you need to learn more about characteristics of hearing impaired. There is also one other types of hearing impairment that you should learn more about and that is the one known as unilateral hearing loss in which hearing is normal in only one ear while the other ear is affected by hearing loss. Such type of hearing impairment can either be severe or mild and is believed to affect about one in every thousand American children.