Hyperacusis Is A Different Kind Of Hearing Impairment

Deafness is one kind of hearing impairment that everyone is familiar with; but, it is not the only hearing impairment that can affect you. However, deafness is a debilitating condition in which a person has a lot of difficulty in hearing sounds. On the other hand, there is another form of hearing impairment to also consider which the one known is as hyperacusis in which a person becomes intolerant to sounds – both everyday and normal sounds.

Too Loud For Comfort

When you start to notice that you are suffering from Hyperacusis you will come to find that even sounds made when one is putting a glass on top of a table can prove to be very disturbing – though for normal people such sounds do not cause any distress. However, a person who is suffering from Hyperacusis will find the sounds overly loud and uncomfortable.

Typical symptoms of such hearing impairment include pressure in your inner ear as well as pain in the ears and since the sounds seemed amplified, you would normally find it quite difficult to get used to the normal flow of life and can easily be classified as being unfit socially. In addition, such form of hearing impairment can also lead to developing tinnitus that is feeling sensations (odd) in the ear which is accompanied by sounds – whistling and ringing.

A person suffering from hearing impairment such as hyperacusis is phonophobia which essentially causes development of a fear of being exposed to sounds that can damage hearing further. Hyperacusis can lead to stress and subsequent loss of proper ability to perform well at the workplace, and not being able to act normally in social gathering or even at home. Furthermore, it can lead to getting inadequate amount of sleep which is generally caused by stress.

Hyperacusis is hearing impairment that is normally attributed to malfunctioning sound regulatory systems within the brain. Sometimes, such hearing impairment is also caused by serious head injuries and even because of fatigue or even epilepsy. Other reasons why hyperacusis can occur are Bell’s palsy as well as Lyme disease and if you have been taking synthetic drugs that too can also bring on the condition.

Hearing impaired children need to be dealt with in a particular manner and in addition it requires know how to get cooperation from the affected child in order to control the situation.

Hyperacusis can be treated and one method that is often used is desensitization of sound in which a patient gets to hear pink noises at volumes that are lower than the discomfort level in the patient. After two hours of such treatment on a daily basis it is hoped that this form of hearing impairment will be controlled.