Hearing Damage & Technology

Among the five senses we have, aside from the sense of sight, one’s capability of hearing is as well important. Through hearing, one can understand what others would say; one would be able to learn instructions. But with how things are going nowadays and with how technology keeps us going, there are inventions that if misused can cause hearing damage.

 Mp3 Players Promote Hearing Damage

Mp3 players would of course require the use of our ears for us to be able to appreciate music, but much loudness could result to hearing damage. Most actually use mp3 players not just to listen to some music but as well to relax or alienate themselves from audible sounds around. The reason why mp3 players cause hearing damage is because most people tend to listen to it at a volume that is beyond limits.

Most mp3 players have ear bud headphones, the sound frequencies are not buffered as they are with the more usual, ear cup-style headsets. It was recently reported that researchers at the House Ear Institute (HEI) found that listeners can adjust the volume of the players to a maximum volume and still be in good sound, compared to the analogue ones that if adjusted to maximum volume would produce distorted sound.

Today’s technology does not provide that buffer – the earpiece is placed in the ear, not outside of it, and the digital devices do not create that distortion, no matter how high the volume. What does it mean? It is a known fact that too loud sound would cause hearing damage, and since high volume sound can now be produced in a clear way, people tend to neglect the negative effect of which to their ears.
It was reported that people who uses mp3 players inside a room without much noise would hear 68 decibels of sound while to those who were outside and noise is present would listen to their players from 80 – 95 decibels. People were advised that with these sound levels, people should listen to it no more than four hours to prevent hearing damage, but people usually don’t follow because they enjoy much of the music it brings.

Hearing Damage

Hearing damage is detrimental not just to you, but to the people around you as well. When you tend to develop hearing damage, you cannot listen well enough to people around you, which is by the way vital to your socialization to understand people. Try to minimize your use of your mp3 players and make sure not to go to maximum volume – use only it with a maximum of 60% of its volume to prevent conductive hearing loss or other hearing damages.