Learn How To Use The Right Kind Of Hearing Aid Battery

People that are using a hearing aid will also have to worry about the type of hearing aid battery that goes into the hearing aid and which provides power to the device. The fact of the matter is that there are many different kinds of hearing aid battery that can be used though the style of battery across different hearing aids is the same – button style. Most major battery makers are producing these different hearing aid batteries and all you need to know is which type will suit your hearing aid.

Use Color Codes

With different types of batteries to choose from, finding the right hearing aid battery can often prove to be harder than you would have anticipated though each battery does come with certain color codes that can help you identify the proper sized battery for your hearing aid. All you will now need to do is take out your old battery and check the color tab on it (that is located at the back of the battery) and then look for a replacement battery that has that color code.

As for the arrangement of the color coding on your hearing aid battery it involves several colors including orange, brown, yellow and blue. The orange color code signifies C size 13, while the brown one signifies C sixe 312. The yellow color code signifies C size 10 batteries while the blue size means you will need to use C size 675 batteries.

Once you have found the right hearing aid battery you will next need to understand the frequency with which such batteries have to be changed. Most often, the battery needs to be replaced after a week or at most, two weeks – depending on your hearing aid type as well as the hours it is used. In case your hearing aid battery does not give you acceptable usage hours you will need to then get your hearing aid checked to see whether the problem is being created by a defect in the hearing aid.

Hearing aid batteries are being sold by most local drugstores and in most cases you will be able to get your supply from them. In case your hearing aid uses a battery that is uncommon you might then need to visit an electronic store to get your supply of such batteries. If you are not sure about which the right hearing aid battery is you can always get more information on the subject by reading a hearing aid review.

Another factor that you may need to consider with regard to using the right hearing aid battery and to ensure that you get best service out of your batteries is to invest a little extra money in buying a battery tester that will show you when your batteries are running out of power and so, help you replace the worn out batteries in time – thereby saving your hearing aid from becoming damaged as a result of being used when the batteries are low on power.