Understanding The Causes Of Deafness

When it comes to understanding all of the different causes of deafness, one must realize that there are two basic types of people with deafness who end up using deaf sign language. There are those who were born with it and have never experienced sound before in their life and then there are those who ended up becoming deaf later on into their childhood or into their adult life. Those who are typically born deaf are said to have inherited the deafness. The causes of deafness within the heredity line are unclear usually so there is not much to go on there.

Among the causes of deafness is also that of diseases of the ear such as ear infections. While most people regain the temporary loss of hearing in their ear during an ear infection, not everyone does. This means that there are people who lost some, most of, or all of their hearing due to an ear infection. Just as the many causes of deafness are vast, so is the ways a person can injure their ear, which can also cause a loss of hearing. There are many things that can happen to the ear to cause enough damage that it becomes one of the causes of deafness.

Understanding Injuries To The Ear

There are causes where the causes of deafness were determined to be nothing more then long-term exposure to very loud noises. While there are some cases where one single loud noise can make a person deaf, most cases show that the loud noise must be over a period of time to truly make a terrible impact on the ear. There are also a lot of reports that nerve damage is also one of the major causes of deafness. This sort of nerve damage often happens when there is a terrible fall or auto accident and it is the auditory nerve that is affected.

Another one of the major causes for deafness is that of a puncture of the eardrum. This is why so many people are afraid of q-tips because if they are pushed too far in during usage, extreme damage can be done. Fights, injuries from sports, and even car wrecks can cause a puncture to the eardrum, which in turn will cause deafness. There is also proof that being near very large explosions can cause a puncture to the eardrum. So with all of this information it is very clear and easy to see that there are indeed several causes for deafness out there.